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How To Think Like a 6-Figure Entrepreneur


Today I want to talk to you about how you should think in order to start
making six-figures a year online.

Yes,... Think.

Because there’s a big difference between the mindset of an employee
who makes, say, $50,000 a year, and an entrepreneur who makes that
same amount every month.

There’s a difference between someone who’s happy to clock in and do
their 9-to-5, and someone who makes six-figures a year working just
4 hours a day.

And there’s a gigantic difference between someone who takes control
of their life and someone who leaves it up to their boss to decide.

I believe a lot of that comes down to MINDSET.

Suppose that’s true, that your mindset has been holding you back from
success… how then do you go about replacing an employee mindset
with a new entrepreneur brain?

I want to make two suggestions today.

The first one is this:

If you truly want to become a successful entrepreneur, you must recognize
that the “buck stops with you”.

You are responsible for your failure and success. For your good months
and your bad. For your record breaking commission checks and for the
times you’re broke.

It’s not your boss, your family or your friends that is responsible for your
success. Everything is up to YOU.

Without a boss, there is no one to force you to work. To get up early in the
morning, or to put in night-time hours.

There are no consequences if you don’t achieve your goal. I mean, you
won’t fire yourself, right?

Sounds scary, but there’s also a magnificent upside to this new way of

Your business will flourish in line with your efforts. When you work hard –
and smart – you’ll make way more money than any full-time job, and
you’ll have the freedom to go along with.

So, take responsibility for your efforts and time. Soon you’ll be rewarded
for every minute you put in.

So, that’s my first piece of advice. The second is this:

Surround yourself with entrepreneur materials and stop reading the same
thing that employees read.

Instead, read what entrepreneurs and successful people read. Read
Business books. Books on self-growth.

Read about how to make a full-time living with a wi-fi connection and laptop
or smartphone…

Skip Facebook posts, trashy magazines, romance novels, and other things
that will keep you poor.

Of course, there’s a place for entertainment, but the more time you can put
into reading the right things, the quicker your mind will morph into that of
an entrepreneur.

And as hard as it might be to believe, you’ll stop enjoying spending time
on things that don’t bring you closer to your goals.

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figures a year working just 4 hours a day.

Your Solution to Six Figures a Year

Hope this helped and that you received enormous value!

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Stan Fuller


Why It’s A Good Idea To Help Others Succeed…

1- Pearls of Wisdom Stan Fuller

Why It's A Good Idea To Help Others Succeed...

In keeping with my personal development plan and challenge to read at least one inspirational or personal development book per week, today I finished reading, The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life by Mike Murdock.

Mike Murdock is a very accomplished Minster, Song writer and the author of many books.

 A Letdown and Uplifting

Reading the last chapter of this book was both a letdown and uplifting. I felt somewhat emotionally letdown because I was quickly coming to the end, it’s always somewhat of letdown when I finish a good book.

However there was many golden nuggets in the last few pages of this book that will remain with me forever and I wanted to share them with you.

A Great Success Secret

“The Greatest Success Secret God Has Ever Taught Me.” This is the title of the chapter of this book and it is packed with Golden Nuggets.

This is what Mike Murdock wrote that really inspired me. “Some Years Ago Something Happened To Me That Literally Changed The Course of My Life.  

It revolutionized my ministry.

It transformed me.

It made me a whole different person.”

What was it that so profoundly affected Rev Murdock “God spoke to my heart…not aloud, but into my very spirit and innermost being. It was a simple sentence. But it struck me with the force of a sledge-hammer blow. It echoed and resounded inside my head and engraved itself on the walls oy my heart.”

What was the message?

“What You Make Happen For Others, I Will Make Happen For You.”

…Mike continues “If I make good things happen for others, God will make good things happen for me.”

”If you want to be a success…if you want to be fulfilled…concentrate on the success and fulfillment of others.”

 Wow! That’s Powerful!

Reading this impacted me in somewhat the same way Rev Murdock was impacted it when he received the message.

“What You Make Happen For Others, I Will Make Happen For You.”

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar

Many successful top producers and high achievers use personal coaches and mentors to assist them in every area of their lives. I use personal coaches. success or accomplishing your goals. I am at your service. That may not be grammatical correct, I just like saying it that way.

I became a personal development coach because I have a burning desire to help others succeed and achieve at their optimum level. I am at your service. That may not be grammatical correct, I just like saying it that way.

My Mission Statement

My mission statement reads in part: I am committed to making the world a better place, by teaching, inspiring, encouraging all I come in contact with to always give their very best, realize their greatness, reach their goals, live their dreams, achieve their full penitential, and pursue their God created purpose.

It's A Good Idea To Help Others Succeed...

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Live Long and Prosper!
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