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Simple Math To A 6-Figure Online Business

This business can be easy or hard…

“Simple math” can earn you millions in this online business industry.

And it can most definitely help you replace your job income, or a nice 
6-figure salary.

For example:

It’s easy to find out how many leads it takes you to acquire a customer.
It doesn't matter if your online business is in the weight lost or business
educational niche.

Say you’re running a FB ad, and it takes 100 leads and $200 to get 
2 new customers at $49 for your intro offer.

A 2% to 3% conversion rate is fairly common for cold traffic.

At this point, it doesn’t sound too great, does it?

Not unless you have BACK END offers in place!

This is where most miss out, Big Time.

What if for every 5 buyers of your lower ticket offer, 1 invested in a $2K 
to $10K plus offer with you?

See how this tilts the profit scale ten feet over on your side now? 
Imagine the positive effect that would have on your business and you 
just might like what it does for your Income.

With competition, ad costs, and what it takes to get a customer these 

You’re in deep waters without a high ticket backend offer set up in your 

At least that’s what I’m seeing.

And many customers Want, Need, and are desperately SEEKING offers 
like this to invest in.

These customers are the ones that most often are the most successful.

Wouldn’t we be doing folks a disservice if we DID NOT offer them the 
best help and support we can?

Of course, then there’s the fulfillment of the high ticket offer.

That’s Where This Comes In...

You do the upfront “lead work”... They’ll do the rest for you…

This can result in commissions up to $1K to $10K heading your way 
quite regularly.

Do you have a high-ticket offer up and running yet? Please don’t waste 
your ad dollars until you do!

This may be a good fit for you....

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Million-Dollar Marketing on a Budget

Businesses thrive on marketing regardless of their size. The more money 
you can dedicate to your marketing efforts, the more customers you’ll be 
able to reach. While huge companies may have million-dollar marketing 
budgets, you can still follow their lead without spending quite as much.

Every major marketing campaign has a few important elements. Large 
companies may spend a lot to incorporate them into their marketing, but 
you can do the same thing with a much smaller budget.

The reason for this is that the power of these elements aren’t tied to the 
amount spent on them. The following are a few of the most useful.


Every major business spends a significant amount of money on their 
branding. The brand is what builds equity, it’s what people associate with 
the promises made in the marketing. Apple, Microsoft, and Verizon are all 
easily recognizable brands that play a major part in the company’s 

Your business may be no bigger than a simple website, but that doesn’t 
mean it shouldn’t have a brand. A good brand helps people identify with 
your business and what it does. The more recognizable your brand is, the 
easier your marketing becomes. Pick something catchy and relevant, 
create a logo, and include it in all your marketing material.


Everyone knows you’ve bought something from Tiffany’s, because it 
comes in a distinctive blue box. Apple products come in futuristic white 
boxes. Verizon products tend to come in black packages. Every company 
has a distinctive look to their packaging and this generally carries over to
their retail locations as well as promotional materials.

You’ll get more out of your marketing efforts if you keep a cohesive and 
consistent design for everything you do. Your website should match your 
book covers, which should match the banner ads, which should also match 
your business cards. When everything has a distinctive look, people will 
have no trouble recognizing you.


Plenty of major businesses have relied on a mascot or spokesperson of 
some sort. Geico has their gecko, McDonald’s has Ronald, and MetLife has 
Snoopy. This works because it helps personalize an otherwise complex 
and abstract corporation. People won’t typically identify with an insurance 
company but they respond well to a computer-animated lizard.

The cheapest way to do this is to become your own spokesperson. Make 
sure people identify you with your brand and business. When you show 
up in a video or on a podcast, they will instantly know who you are, what 
you do, and what you stand for. This is one of the main goals of 
marketing, so you can see how valuable it can be.

None of this takes very much money. It will, of course, require a small 
investment in research and design, but the return is incalculable and will 
continue to pay off for years to come. If you really want to market like a 
pro then you’ll want access to my professional marketing team that will 
have you earning thousands of dollars. Find out more by clicking here 

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The Economics to a 6-figure Income…

Getting daily sales means nothing if this isn’t set-up first and

The economics of a j-o-b is usually an easy one.

But the “simplicity” of your earnings online can be a bit trickier
for some.

For example:

If you’re applying for a job, they’ll make you an offer.

$25 an hour.
$500 commissions.
$75,000 yearly salary.

And so on…

It’s very cut and dry economics, isn’t it?

You need a certain amount of income to cover your necessary
living expenses, and anything BELOW that, isn’t a viable option
for you and your family.

This same process SHOULD apply to what you’re doing online
as well.

You must ensure you’re able to turn a decent profit for whatever
effort you’re putting into your business.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be considered as a viable option for you.

Think of it this way:

1. Advertising is necessary in order to automate your business
and find new and consistent buyers.

2. Whatever cost your product or service is, minus the advertising
costs to acquire that customer, is typically your earnings potential,
minus other business expenses.

e.g. $250 to get new customer. $47 sale.

With those economics?

You’re losing money every sale.

Now this is where economics don’t work in your favor.

Of course there’s a simple solution…

If it costs you $250 to acquire a customer, (and you can find out
your exact cost simply by researching the “averages” and testing
things out for yourself) then…

You simply MUST have offers above that price point, right?

The new success standard isn’t, “Whoever spends the less on ads

It’s, “Whoever can spend the MOST on ads wins.”

If you’re earning up to $1,000 per sale for example, how many times
would you be willing to pay $250 to acquire a new customer?

As much as you possibly could, right?!

And THAT is how you scale up to 6-figures and beyond.

By working smarter.
Not harder.

Hope this helps.

Many just don’t truly consider the economics of this business.

And so it pays them like a hobby.

A very expensive hobby at that.

If you’d like to get not only up to $1,000 commissions, but up to
$10,000 commissions?

And if it makes sense and seems like a great fit for what you’re doing…

===> Check this 21-step system out today

It starts you off with the economics of your business in mind, so you
can get up to a 6-figure income, part-time.

Plus this allows you to scale your business up profitably and predictably.

Got to run.

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Do You Have a “Success” Mindset?

Do you have a success mindset? Or are you living from one month to
the next…

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t properly plan for the future,
and they don’t build systems to scale.

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