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Your Own Online Business vs The Corporate World

I don't know about you, but the corporate world is NOT for me.

It suits some people, and I'm not judging them. But I made the 
decision some time ago that I wanted to get out of that world for 
good, and start my own online business instead.

These are the 4 reasons I made that decision:

1) The myth of "job security"

Again, I'm not judging anyone who prefers to work in a job. Some 
people like their job, and that's great.

But if you choose to stay in a job because it makes you feel more 
"secure," that's a very BAD reason to stay in your job. Because 
you are NOT secure in a job.

I know a friend who got let go from a position he'd held for 5 years. 
He didn't see it coming at all. And it doesn't matter whether you're 
young, old, in an entry-level position or a senior one, whether you've 
been in the position for years or weeks. No job is "secure."

2) The boredom of the corporate world

Finding a job is one thing. Finding a job I can actually get excited 
about is another thing.

I've been through many corporate positions that have not turned 
out as I expected. Sure, they've paid the bills, but they've also bored 
me to tears.

One of the reasons I started pursuing online business is I felt so 
much more of a connection to it than I ever did with a job. Every 
morning I wake up excited, passionate about what I do and eager 
to get to work!

3) The corporate world is a massive time-suck

In the corporate world, I'd work 8 to 10 hours every day. Add on travel 
time, and that's virtually half of the day gone.

But now I have an online business where it's possible to work only 1 or
2 hours a day and still make more money than my corporate job!

To be honest, I don't even care that much about the money. Getting 
more time on my hands is the real reward.

4) The humiliation of losing a job

If it wasn't bad enough that my friend lost his job as a total surprise, 
here's what made it worse. He was let go from his job on a phone call – 
and I can just imagine how humiliating that must be.

But this just fuels my fire to inspire more people to escape the corporate 
rat race and start their own online business.

If that's something you want to do, I highly recommend you check out 
the Laptop Lifestyle System.

I've been involved with this system for a while now, and I can't imagine 
ever wanting to go back to the corporate world again.

I have the potential to make more money than my corporate job while 
working fewer hours, I don't have to commute, and I love what I'm doing.

When you watch this video, you'll hear about Carolina Millan's story. 
She used to be a bored corporate worker in Chile before she took the 
plunge of starting her own online business.

She's gotten amazing results with the Laptop Lifestyle System and so 
can any one of us.

If you are serious about getting out of the corporate world, or you truly
want to start your own successful online business go here to learn
about my done-for-you system.

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Million-Dollar Marketing on a Budget

Businesses thrive on marketing regardless of their size. The more money 
you can dedicate to your marketing efforts, the more customers you’ll be 
able to reach. While huge companies may have million-dollar marketing 
budgets, you can still follow their lead without spending quite as much.

Every major marketing campaign has a few important elements. Large 
companies may spend a lot to incorporate them into their marketing, but 
you can do the same thing with a much smaller budget.

The reason for this is that the power of these elements aren’t tied to the 
amount spent on them. The following are a few of the most useful.


Every major business spends a significant amount of money on their 
branding. The brand is what builds equity, it’s what people associate with 
the promises made in the marketing. Apple, Microsoft, and Verizon are all 
easily recognizable brands that play a major part in the company’s 

Your business may be no bigger than a simple website, but that doesn’t 
mean it shouldn’t have a brand. A good brand helps people identify with 
your business and what it does. The more recognizable your brand is, the 
easier your marketing becomes. Pick something catchy and relevant, 
create a logo, and include it in all your marketing material.


Everyone knows you’ve bought something from Tiffany’s, because it 
comes in a distinctive blue box. Apple products come in futuristic white 
boxes. Verizon products tend to come in black packages. Every company 
has a distinctive look to their packaging and this generally carries over to
their retail locations as well as promotional materials.

You’ll get more out of your marketing efforts if you keep a cohesive and 
consistent design for everything you do. Your website should match your 
book covers, which should match the banner ads, which should also match 
your business cards. When everything has a distinctive look, people will 
have no trouble recognizing you.


Plenty of major businesses have relied on a mascot or spokesperson of 
some sort. Geico has their gecko, McDonald’s has Ronald, and MetLife has 
Snoopy. This works because it helps personalize an otherwise complex 
and abstract corporation. People won’t typically identify with an insurance 
company but they respond well to a computer-animated lizard.

The cheapest way to do this is to become your own spokesperson. Make 
sure people identify you with your brand and business. When you show 
up in a video or on a podcast, they will instantly know who you are, what 
you do, and what you stand for. This is one of the main goals of 
marketing, so you can see how valuable it can be.

None of this takes very much money. It will, of course, require a small 
investment in research and design, but the return is incalculable and will 
continue to pay off for years to come. If you really want to market like a 
pro then you’ll want access to my professional marketing team that will 
have you earning thousands of dollars. Find out more by clicking here 

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The Harsh Truth of the Online Business Lifestyle

Fulfilling, lucrative, and yes, Very challenging…

Can you expect an easy breezy path to get an extra $5K to $10K 
plus monthly income from an online business?

Not if we’re based in reality.

Things can still be FUN, but we must expect it to be challenging at 
times too.

Just knowing that can help. It can let us know we’re on the right path.

A path everybody who succeeds in an online business will also 
likely go through. If you hit a roadblock, you’re not failing.

Just don’t stop. Many will, and do.

Just as a battery has a positive, it also has a negative. That’s how it 
works, right?

We simply can’t expect to remodel our lifestyle and financial kitchen 
without things getting a little messy at times too.

YET… Isn’t the end result so worth the effort?

And really, it makes the journey that much sweeter as well.

If it’s a fit, and you’re willing to start an online business?

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This proven plan may help you

If you’re willing to follow the steps and stick with it, you can start 
seeing big commissions from $1K up to $10K rolling your way.

You’ll be a part of a TEAM.

Meaning you’ll have a full team and system on the backend closing 
the big ticket deals FOR YOU.

Giving you room to have a nice lifestyle business you can run part-
time from the comfort of your laptop.

Nice, right?

To find out more about this Fulfilling, lucrative, and yes, Very 
challenging lifestyle…Watch this Video Then Get Started!.

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Engage Your Customers and Generate Quality Traffic

The traditional view of advertising is a bit of a one-way street. You 
create a marketing strategy that is designed to deliver a particular 
message to your target audience.

This can be used to tell customers how your product is better than 
others, how it’s more affordable, or how it’s different than anything 
they’ve seen before.

The problem with all of this is not what it does, but how it does it. The 
internet has changed society in countless ways. One of the most relevant 
to marketing is that people now expect some sort of interaction. Your 
audience wants to do more than just read something, they want to discuss 
it…with you, even!

Learning to market in a way that engages your audience will increase the
effectiveness of everything you do.  Let’s take a look at a few common
engagement strategies and how they benefit marketers by helping to
generate quality traffic.


Nearly every website will have a comments section. Visitors stop by to 
read an article and then stick around to discuss it. The same is true on 
social media sites such as Facebook. This sort of engagement is so 
popular, in fact, that websites such as Reddit are designed to do nothing 
else but hot these kinds of discussions.

Encouraging discussion benefits marketers by creating buzz. Something 
that gets talked about is something that gets a lot of attention—and 
people remember it. Since people love sharing their opinions, this is a 
great way to engage your audience.


Sharing is another way that marketing can engage an audience. When 
you post something of real value—be it an article, video, or podcast—
people will often want to share it. Modern websites make it easy to click a 
button and share the information across a variety of different platforms.

This is wonderful for marketers because it gets other people to spread the
word.  Advertising space is generally a bit expensive, but this is some of
the best free promotion around and will surely generate quality traffic.
Make sure all of your best material is easy to share.



Contests have long been a useful marketing tools but the rise of the 
internet has made them more powerful than ever. Old contests had 
applicants sending something in and it stopped there. Web-based 
contests can elicit far more interaction which can result in greater market 

These are great for marketers because they can create a large commotion 
while only needing to offer one main prize. This prize can be a high-value 
item and the desire to win it will instill a desire to own it in all the contest 
applicants. Those who don’t win will be more likely to spend money to 
achieve the same satisfaction.

How to do it

Engaging your audience is an art form. It requires a bit of skill and 
experience. The best way to figure out what to do is to research effective 
and engaging campaigns created by other people. Take note of what they 
did correctly. Try to determine the key factors that made the campaign so 

Then try it yourself! Over time, you’ll see how well it works, make 
changes, and tweak and test it until you’re making money consistently.

This does, of course, take a lot of time and there is no guarantee you will 
implement the ideas correctly. Since the whole purpose of engagement 
is building a list of qualified leads, you can skip over all this work by taking 
advantage of my traffic-generation team that will get qualified leads for 

For more details on how to enroll in our Done-For-You Marketing
System Go here Now!

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Starting an Online Business…The Honest Truth About Your Financial Situation

If you've been reading my posts for a while, you've probably realized 
by now that I'm passionate about helping people overcome their 
financial challenges and create a better lifestyle for themselves and 
their families.

Being able to talk to different people with different stories is a rewarding 
and eye-opening experience.

Today I want to share with you a few honest truths I've learned from 
helping people with their money worries.

For a start, I've learned that money is a sensitive subject. I get it. None of 
us really want to admit to having financial challenges. It can be a little bit 

And what can be downright scary is the thought of quitting a job to jump 
into an entrepreneurial career. There are a lot of unknowns and what if's 
about starting an online business.

"What if I try this and end up even worse off than I am now?"

"What if I won't have the money to make the business work?"

"What if I won't have the time to build a business on the side of my job?"

These are some of the questions I get asked when people are considering
starting an online business. And I always answer them 

Does it help to have oodles of time to devote to your business? Of course. 
But it's not 100% necessary.

I too come from the world of working 9 to 5 for 40+ hours a week. I didn't 
just quit my job cold turkey and instantly replace my income. I had to 
build my business on the side with the little time I had.

I didn't have a huge budget either. But I've still been able to get started 
and have some small successes with the little money I do have.

Again, does it help to have a lot of money? Of course. But it's not 100% 

The honest truth is that departing from the 9-to-5 lifestyle to starting an 
online business is scary. But the other honest truth is that you don't 
need a lot of time and money.

What you do need is the determination to succeed, and a proven system
to follow.

In my opinion, This Proven System is one of the best ways to make 
money online from home.

This is the system that my friend Carolina Millan has used to generate 
over a million dollars over the course of 5 years.

Sure, it's taken her time and money. But when she first started, she was 
a bored, burnt-out 9-to-5 employee in Chile. If she can do it, then why 
not you too?

To find out more about Carolina's story and the Laptop Lifestyle System
watch this video.

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