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6 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

If You Don’t Have Sales, You Don’t Have a Real Business.

Today’s marketplace is becoming more and more mobile, as stats 
suggest that nearly fifty percent of commerce is completed via a mobile 

What does that mean for you and your business? It’s time to optimize 
your website and make it mobile friendly.
The key term you need to remember is mobile. Mobile visitors are looking
for a streamlined version of your site.

They do not want to see a lot of useless information like staff bios and 
mission statements. Their goal is to get in, get the information they need, 
and get out.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your website for mobile 

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  1. Keep it Simple

Simplify your sight. Then simplify it again. Then again. Your goal here is 
to strip out as much useless information as possible. Put yourself in the 
shoes of your target customer. What are they looking to accomplish?

You only have so much real estate to work with, so it’s essential that you 
provide visitors the information they want as concisely as possible.

Drive the sales process by keeping your mobile site succinct and 

  1. Branding

Optimizing your site for mobile web pages doesn’t mean it ceases to be
your site. Find clever ways to incorporate your branding into your mobile 

Remember, this is still a brand touchpoint, so you want to be sure to 
promote and reflect your brand.

Use similar themes and colors across your platforms to provide a 
consistent experience for your customers. You want them to have 
a similar experience on the mobile site, as they would have on your 
standard site.

  1.  Avoid Text Entry

While there is some business that will not be able to get away from this 
no matter how much they try, you’ll want your site to avoid requiring 
customers to enter data. Instead, try using checklists, dropdowns, or 
pre-populated menus.

  1. Scroll on Through

Try to avoid implementing ‘pinch and zoom’ sites, as most users become 
frustrated with the experience this provides. Instead, focus on offering a 
smooth and pleasant scrolling experience, with a standard menu, and 
plenty of space between buttons.

When creating your mobile site, keep in mind that visitors will be using 
their fingers, instead of a mouse pointer.

  1. Scale it Down

You’ve dedicated days and weeks to create an impeccable experience 
for your users on your standard website. The UI is beautiful, and the site
is flawless. The only problem is that it doesn’t scale to mobile.

Remember that people will view your site on smaller screens, and since 
most users will see it on a smartphone, both landscape and portrait mode
are important.

With nearly five hundred different screen sizes, you’ll want to come up 
with a mobile-optimized landing page.

  1. Easy Interaction

This one we touched on briefly, but it should go without saying that your 
users want to be able to interact with your mobile site without a lot of 
hassle. With that in mind, consider some of the actions that can make for 
an better mobile experience..

You can include links to things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maps,
email, LinkedIn, and a multitude of other areas. Make it easy for your 
customers to find and connect with you.

Remember that you want to provide a seamless, simple, easy to use 
experience for your customers. Make sure your page is optimized for 
web usage and does not lead users to a blank loading page or an 
inconsistent site.

Develop a mobile strategy, put it into place and optimize your website for 
mobile users. DFY’s lead generation system can help

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Increase Your Online Exposure Without Increasing Your Budget

Increase Your Online Exposure Without Increasing Your Budget

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When you’re first starting out, every dollar that you spend on online
marketing matters. You likely have multiple goals. You want to gain 
website traffic, increase your social media followers, and build your 
online reputation.

All these goals can be achieved with good marketing strategies. But, 
you might be able to speed up the process by increasing your online 
exposure. With brand recognition, it becomes easier to gain traction 
and get your foot through the door of your target market.

I’ll give you a few simple tips that you can use to increase your online 
exposure without having to increase your marketing budget.

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Use Consistent Branding

If you want people to recognize your brand, you need to be consistent with 
your branding. This means using the same logo on your website and social 
media profiles. Anywhere that your logo or business branding appears, you 
should use the exact same image.

You want to ensure that people realize that your website and your social 
media profiles are one and the same. They aren’t two separate individuals 
or businesses.

So, your YouTube profile, Facebook profile, Twitter, and other platforms 
should all use the same profile image and it should include the same 
branding that appears on your website.

Gain More Social Media Followers

Once your branding is in place, you should focus on gaining more social 
media followers. It doesn’t cost a dime to share content on social media. 
Monday through Friday, you should post at least twice per day on each of 
your social media accounts.

This means that you’ll be posting at least 10 times per week. But, you 
don’t need to worry about creating 10 original posts. 8 of these posts will 
come from other sources, such as industry-leading blogs and news sites.

Also, become active on social media. Interact with your followers. Share 
personal stories. Engage your audience and join communities. This all 
helps you gain followers without having to pay for marketing.

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Start Creating High-Quality Blog Posts

Sharing content on social media should help you gain followers. It’s 
difficult at first, but once you pass 100 followers, it’ll become easier. 
Then, start creating high-quality blog posts.

You’ll already have a schedule in place for sharing 8 pieces of curated 
content on social media. For the remaining 2 posts, share links to your 
original content. The followers that you’ve gained will share these posts, 
increasing your online exposure without requiring any additional 

Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Sites

After you get the hang of writing quality blog posts for your own website, 
start submitting guest blog posts to other sites. Look for websites that get 
a lot of traffic. Getting a guest blog posted on one of these sites will 
increase your online presence and help you establish yourself as a voice 
of authority.

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Share Your Opinion with Everyone

The final step for increasing your online exposure without increasing 
budget is to share your opinion with everyone. What I mean by this is 
that you need to comment on blog posts, comment on social media 
posts, answer questions on Q&A websites, and become active on
relevant forums.

Blog and forum commenting can help you earn backlinks, increasing your 
search engine rankings. Commenting on social media or answering 
questions on Q&A websites can help you get noticed. These steps build 
backlinks, increase recognition, and could help you gain more followers.

You can increase your online exposure without spending additional money. 

It all starts with consistent branding. Then, focus on social media. Once 
you gain followers, start generating quality content and sharing it.

Use these tips to start increasing your online exposure. If you’d like to 
have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to 

Use these tips to start increasing your online exposure. If you’d like to 
have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to 
generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, 
click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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