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What… Why… When… Why Not Now?


What do you want to be?... A writer? A stay at home parent? Rich?
Successful?... An online business entrepreneur?

Why are you wanting to be those things and, why aren't you what
you want to be ?

The two former questions leads us to ask, when will you do something
about it and why not now?

Maybe you’re in a career that you never imagined yourself working
or wanting to work in but it pays the bills so for now it will do until
you can do what you really want.

Maybe you are doing something you like but it’s not making you the
money that you always told yourself you would.

Maybe you are working three jobs just to keep the lights on and were
sick of it the day you started.

No matter what your reason is for wanting something instead of having
it there is a simple way you can get it.

Every time you wake up. Every time you turn on the TV. Anytime you
do anything ask your self, “What do I want to be?”

And after you answer you will have to decide if what you are about to
do is getting you closer to that or further away.

Because there is no middle ground. You either advance or take steps

Everything you do either puts you closer or further away from what
you want.

And just to prove it you have a choice before you now.


A brand new revolutionary marketing system has just hit the market
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EEC is an online system that earns people money by placing ads on
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If you click you will have the chance to earn thousands in commissions
every week while working from anywhere you can bring a laptop.

EEC won’t make your wishes come true. But it will put you in a better
place to do so on your own.

Now you have the choice. Are you going forwards or backwards?

This system will help you earn multiple income streams by doing all
the selling for you so that you do not have to ever sell again…

This is probably the most easiest way to build an online business
because 99 per cent of the work is already done for you.

Just create an account and follow the simple step by step instructions
to Earn Easy Commissions with this program.

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Stan Fuller
Never allow your dreams to die!


Working Harder Isn’t Usually The Best Remedy


Struggling to get your online business off the ground and profitable?

Working harder and longer won’t help… Many have tried that route 
only to end up frustrated and giving up on their dreams.

If you’ve been searching high-and-dry for a “lifestyle friendly” online-
home business that can set you up for life...

(e.g. An online business you can work 2-4 hrs a day, and still 
generate $5K to $10K+ per month, all from the comfort of your 
laptop or smartphone…)

Yet, you aren’t seeing the results you want, yet?

Consider this quick story…

There was an eager fly trying its best to zoom thru a window pane.
Crashing himself against the glass, over and over again…

He was burning thru the last supply of his energy.He had bought into 
the story of, “just try harder.”

However, 3’ inches to his left was a door swung wide open.

If he’d just stopped banging his head against the window, he could 
have easily spotted the easier path, flew over and out the door, straight 
to his little-bee F.r.e.e.d.o.m waiting for him outside.

If your online business, j-o-b, or financial and lifestyle situation isn’t 
working well for you right now…

Trying HARDER isn’t usually the best remedy.

Could there be a better path laid out for you? Just 3 inches to your left?

Check out this Door of O.p.p.o.r..t.u.n.i.t.y

It’s not about working harder. It IS about leverage and working smarter.

 For more details on how to enroll in our Done-For-You Special 
M.a.r.k.e.t.i.n.g Tools Program Go Here Now!

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Can YOU Do It?

It's not like there's a shortage of business opportunities out there.

Everywhere you look, there are people making money with all kinds of
businesses. Whether it's fast food franchises, real estate investing, life
coaching – there's business everywhere.

The question is, "Can YOU do it?"

When I first decided I wanted to start my own online business and
become an entrepreneur, I doubted whether I could do what other
online business entrepreneurs were doing. They all seemed to have
more skills, more experience, more resources than me.

They'd been running businesses for years and years, while I had never
run a business before in my life. I had only worked for omeone else,
living the life of an dissatisfied employee.

Plus, none of my family and friends were able to guide me. None of
them came from the entrepreneurial world either. So, I was lonely and
frustrated on my entrepreneurial journey.

Can you relate?

Then, I stumbled upon an online business that was different. This one
wasn't just reserved for the "big boys" like most other businesses. This
one looked like something that ANYONE could do.

Yes, even someone like me – who was trying to build a business alone
and without the support of others. Even someone like me – who had
tried 10 or 20 different business opportunities already (and failed at

What makes this business accessible to anyone?

It's because it includes one-on-one coaching. When you begin this
online business, a real business coach will get on the phone with you
and make sure you understand everything. Even if you need to learn
from the very basics (like I did), they'll help you.

Also, there's a real community. You can meet up with other like-minded
business owners at the training and networking events, and leave behind
your loneliness and frustration.

And sure, there are "big boys" getting amazing results with this online 
business as well. But they can get those amazing results without hiring
any employees at all.

Remember, most businesses don't offer any assistance to the "little guy,"
don't include a community and are impossible to run unless you have a
team of staff.

If you're interested in learning more about this online business I'm
talking about, watch this video.

You'll hear about a man named Paul O'Mahony, who used to work in a
Guinness brewery in Ireland and had never run a business before... until
he too stumbled upon the online business model I've been telling you

You'll also find out how you can access the one-on-one coaching through
21-step education program called Mobile Success Training

Whether you're a "big boy" or a "little guy," it doesn't matter. This online 
business is accessible to anyone!

To watch the video, click here.

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Stan Fuller


Comparing Online Business vs. My “Old Life”

To be honest, I didn't originally set out to build an online business that 
has the potential to fully replace my 9-to-5 income.In the beginning, I was just searching for ways to supplement my income.I didn't want to quit my job altogether. I just wanted to make a small side 
income (maybe a few extra hundred a month) to help pay the bills.

Maybe you can relate?

But as I started to research online business more, I started to change 
my mind. It started to make more and more sense to plan to fully replace 
my 9-to-5 income, go full-time with online business and leave behind my 
"old life" for good.

And here are the 4 reasons I made that choice:

1) I have more time to myself

I realized that if I stayed committed to my 9-to-5 lifestyle and found some 
way to supplement that income, I would have very little time to myself.

I'd be working nights and weekends – close to 70 hours a week.

With my online business, I have the potential to match (or even exceed) 
my 9-to-5 income while working FEWER hours. That means more time 
to myself.

2) I set my own hours
As an online business owner, my life is very different to a corporate 
employee.I make my own schedule and set my own hours. I don't need permission 
from anyone if I want to take a day off.I can even work remotely. Nothing and no one stops me from taking a 
vacation with my family, bringing my laptop along and running my 
business while I'm away.

3) I save money
You might not have thought of this, but there are a lot of expenses that 
corporate employees need to pay that online business owners DON'T 
need to pay.For example, paying $200 a week for gas to commute to and from work. 
Paying for a babysitter (or pet sitter) while you're at work. And so on.
4) I make money FASTER
Before I researched the different online business systems out there, I 
always thought that starting a business and making it profitable would be 
a SLOW undertaking. I thought it would take years to actually break even.After doing my research, I was pleasantly surprised.
There are systems out there such as Mobile Success Training 
that cost far less than your average business, which means it's very 
possible to be profitable in months – not years.This is the system I use in my own online business, and since I've 
started, it's turned out to be EASIER than I originally anticipated.Mobile Success Training simplifies and speeds up your work as a 
business owner, because it handles many of the functions for you (such 
as payment processing, customer service and fulfillment.)

I could go on, but that's enough info for today. Meanwhile, if you want to 
know more about Mobile Success Training, watch this video.

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Stan Fuller

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Get on The Right Side of History With An Online Business

Forgive me, but I'm going to go on a little rant today.

Now is the absolute BEST, EASIEST and most OPPORTUNE time to start 
an online business, in history.

So much so, anyone in the Western world would be silly to NOT start their
own online business right now.

And if you think starting an online business is too hard, you're just 

100 years ago, starting a business WAS hard. It usually meant knocking
on doors all day long, and trying to sell some rotisserie chicken machine 
to skeptical housewives.

Then, it evolved to telemarketing. You'd have to call 150 people a day 
(and have half of them hang up on you.)

Now, it's all about the internet – which is EASY in comparison.

It's free to start a YouTube channel and start uploading a video every day. 
People have become millionaires doing just that. Or, you can start your 
own website for just $10 a month and become a blogger.

There's Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook... SO many ways to connect with 
people all over the world and sell them products they want.

The whole world is shifting online, and that's an incredible opportunity for
people like us to define our own incomes instead of relying on traditional 

But it's also a warning.

Because the internet is making it very easy for our traditional employers 
to REPLACE us with people in overseas countries who are willing to work 
for lower wages.

More and more people in the Western world are noticing this paradigm 
shift, getting on the right side of history and learning how to start their own 
online business.

And when you're ready to be one of them, I suggest you check out 
Mobile Success Training.

It's a quick, 21-step online training that will teach you how o buitld a 
business on the internet and social media. One that you can operate 
from your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

To watch a video that explains what's included in Mobile Success 
Training, click here

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Stan Fuller


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Learning to Make Money With An Online Business

Everyone wants to make money online. They dream of sitting at home 
and raking in the millions. While it’s not quite that easy because it does 
take a lot of work, you actually can sit at home and create a truly 
profitable online business. The key is to find the right educational 
resources that will point you towards your dreams.

The biggest obstacle with this, however, is the sheer amount of 
information on the web. The internet was created to share information, 
so it should come as no surprise that there are mountains of text to sift 

Knowing who to listen to and who to ignore is the key:

Good: Books

Books are always a great place to start learning something new. 
Sometimes you may have no idea where to start. You know you want 
to make money online but you just don’t know what to start learning 
about first. Books are great because you can flip through a few of them 
and get a better understanding of the subject without having to scavenge 
for information piecemeal.

After a bit of research, you’ll know exactly what books to track down 
and what subjects to focus on. Once you pay for a book, it’s yours 
forever so they can also be great investments. With the rise of e-readers, 
books are now cheaper and more portable than ever.

Better: Videos

Books are good, but some people are visual learners. They need videos 
and demonstrations to really be able to wrap their minds around 
something. Fortunately, there are tons of videos on the web that cover 
nearly every subject imaginable. Some videos are made by professionals 
while others are created by amateurs.

There is a big difference in quality between these two different types of 
videos. Professionals will be able to describe the intricacies of a subject 
while amateurs can only give a basic overview. Keep in mind, as well, 
that many videos only show one person’s way of doing things. They 
might not teach you a different method.

Best: Mentors

Mentors are, without a doubt, the absolute best way to learn something. 
When you have a mentor you actually have a dedicated, professional 
teacher who can take you through every step of a process at a speed 
that works for you. Since most mentors have years of experience in a 
certain subject, they are a treasure trove of information.

The biggest problem people run into, however, is that effective mentoring 
can often be rather expensive. These are experienced professionals who 
can make plenty of money without needing to teach anything. They 
become mentors because they want to help others, not because they 
need to.

A good mentor can help you get an online business up and running 
faster and more successfully than any other option. If you’re worried 
about finding a good mentor or being able to pay them well, then you 
really need to look into  personal 1-on-1 coaching with one of these 
Top-Tier Coaches. All of these coaches are 6-figure earners and 
bona-fide online marketing experts—check it out!

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