What’s Your Reality?


Want to know what’s one of the main reasons that new online
entrepreneurs fail?
It’s because they continue to surround themselves with their old reality.
Let me explain. I regularly meet fellow online entrepreneurs at live
events and masterminds. I’ve become good friends with many of them.
And when I talk with them, what kind of topics come up in the
conversation?  We discuss marketing strategies, we exchange referrals,
and we brainstorm how to make more money.

That’s the reality I surround myself with, every day.
Now, some people’s reality is different. Their friends are bankrupt. They
are all living paycheck to paycheck.
And what kind of topics come up in conversation? How to “downsize” their
lifestyle. What discounts are available at the grocery store. The pain of
wanting to have a kid but not being able to afford it.








I don’t mean to sneer at these people. Maybe you’re one of them. I used
to be one of them too.
And like I did, a lot of these people want to step out of their current reality,
and into a better reality. But they need to make that transition FULLY.
If you just hear some entrepreneurs talking on a podcast, but you still
surround yourself 99 percent with employees in your real life, it’s easy
to dismiss the entrepreneurial mindset and not fully believe that it’s real.
That’s why you need to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs in
REAL life.

To surround yourself with other online business entrepreneurs, I highly
recommend you take a serious look and join the Next Giant 94 Percent
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Stan Fuller
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