Why You Don’t Own Your DNA


There is a war going on that you are probably blind to… It’s the little
known copyright war.

It’s being waged with arguments of intellectual property and fair use in
courtrooms across the country.

But don’t worry. This won’t be a legal document explaining the between
the lines of copyrights. This  is purely about making you money.

It’s what you can learn from copyrighting that can make you money though.

Because you wouldn’t believe the lengths people go to protect their ideas.

The basic idea is that if you create something and copyright it other
people cannot use it for their own profit.

You may know that the happy birthday song has a disputed copyright.
But did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech
is copyrighted?

There is a whole slew of common words and phrases like “Yup” and “Get
Ready to Rumble” that legally belong to someone.

The NFL owns the phrase “Super Bowl” and discourages anyone but
people advertising during the super bowl from using it.

Police forces like the Canadian Mounties copyrighted their uniforms to
prevent them from showing up somewhere they didn’t want.

Some DNA is copyrighted….Yes.

Some companies put a copyright on DNA once it is removed from a body
so that they are the only ones that can research it.


But what’s the point of all this?

When someone has a good idea or product they protect it.

Making money is competitive no matter what you do. Everyone wants to
be the best so when they come up with an idea they’re going to protect it
and keep it to themselves.

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