How Not To Be The Tenth Man


A little known novel called The Tenth Man has a moral that can change
your life.

The Plot: A man trades away his fortune so another man will take his
spot in a death squad.

It’s a short and to the point novel. But the lesson it teaches is invaluable.

The main character is the rich man who offers all of his property and
money so that someone will take his spot. And after he does he regrets
his choice because he lured a man to his death with money and wealth.

Then he goes back to his old home that he traded away and becomes a
servant under a new name. Naturally the man’s family that inherited his
home hates him because he is responsible for the death of their brother.

The main character sets out on a quest to redeem himself.

But what does this have to do with you?

It seems obvious that trading a life away for money is a poor trade.
Even if it means your family will never have to worry about anything.

But you’d be surprised how many people waste away behind desks for
that exact reason.

People get so caught up in providing comfort that they forget the best
comfort you can give someone is your presence.

And to do so you have to not be at work. Not be working from your
phone. Not be thinking about work.

It’s a tall order. But now you have a chance to fill it.


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