Brand new eBook design tool is a total game changer


Ever tried to create an eBook, free report, whitepaper and thought,
“there MUST be an easier way to do all this?” Me too, and I spent
YEARS searching for it, without any joy.

Today, that all changes. Here’s a brand-new tool that allows you to
crank out eBooks (or any type of PDF) for business or pleasure,
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— Instant content

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— Tons of flexibility and customization

All for the price of a few nasty coffees.

Why EVERYONE Needs Sqribble…

eBooks and PDFs have been around since the beginning of the internet.
We’re talking over 25 years! They have been called by various names,
such as lead magnets, guides, whitepapers, and reports. However, one
thing is certain, they’re not going anywhere yet!

They have such a broad mass appeal because you can use them in
numerous ways by all types of people in any industry.

Compared to making time consuming videos, eBooks are the easiest way
to build an email list or create an info product to sell for profits, in any niche

From weight loss, personal development, DIY, finance, sports, business
and more. You can even become an instant author by creating an eBook
for Amazon Kindle! Thanks to Sqribble, you’ll now be able to generate high
quality eBooks with automatic content to attract leads, clients and sales,
with a push of a few buttons in minutes!

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