Are You a Goal Setter?…


Why are Goals Important? – Must read On the best sunny day, the most
powerful magnifying glass will not light paper if you keep moving the
glass. But if you focus and hold it, the paper will light up. That is the
power of concentration.

A man was traveling and stopped at an intersection. He asked an elderly
man, “Where does this road take me?” The elderly person asked, “Where
do you want to go?” The man replied, “I don’t know.”

The elderly person said, “Then take any road. What difference does it
make?” How true. When we don’t know where we are going, any road will
take us there.

Suppose you have all the football eleven players, enthusiastically ready
to play the game, all charged up, and then someone took the goal post
away. What would happen to the game? There is nothing left. How do
you keep score? How do you know you have arrived?

Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is
possible for your life. – Les Brown

Enthusiasm without direction is like wildfire and leads to frustration.

Goals give a sense of direction. Would you sit in a train or a plane
without knowing where it was going? The obvious answer is no. Then
why do people go through life without having any goals?

“Sucessful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is
going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather
than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to
get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other
distractions that life presents to them.” – Jack Canfield

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