Comparing Online Business vs. My “Old Life”

To be honest, I didn’t originally set out to build an online business that 
has the potential to fully replace my 9-to-5 income.In the beginning, I was just searching for ways to supplement my income.I didn’t want to quit my job altogether. I just wanted to make a small side 
income (maybe a few extra hundred a month) to help pay the bills.

Maybe you can relate?

But as I started to research online business more, I started to change 
my mind. It started to make more and more sense to plan to fully replace 
my 9-to-5 income, go full-time with online business and leave behind my 
“old life” for good.

And here are the 4 reasons I made that choice:

1) I have more time to myself

I realized that if I stayed committed to my 9-to-5 lifestyle and found some 
way to supplement that income, I would have very little time to myself.

I’d be working nights and weekends – close to 70 hours a week.

With my online business, I have the potential to match (or even exceed) 
my 9-to-5 income while working FEWER hours. That means more time 
to myself.

2) I set my own hours
As an online business owner, my life is very different to a corporate 
employee.I make my own schedule and set my own hours. I don’t need permission 
from anyone if I want to take a day off.I can even work remotely. Nothing and no one stops me from taking a 
vacation with my family, bringing my laptop along and running my 
business while I’m away.

3) I save money
You might not have thought of this, but there are a lot of expenses that 
corporate employees need to pay that online business owners DON’T 
need to pay.For example, paying $200 a week for gas to commute to and from work. 
Paying for a babysitter (or pet sitter) while you’re at work. And so on.
4) I make money FASTER
Before I researched the different online business systems out there, I 
always thought that starting a business and making it profitable would be 
a SLOW undertaking. I thought it would take years to actually break even.After doing my research, I was pleasantly surprised.
There are systems out there such as Mobile Success Training 
that cost far less than your average business, which means it’s very 
possible to be profitable in months – not years.This is the system I use in my own online business, and since I’ve 
started, it’s turned out to be EASIER than I originally anticipated.Mobile Success Training simplifies and speeds up your work as a 
business owner, because it handles many of the functions for you (such 
as payment processing, customer service and fulfillment.)

I could go on, but that’s enough info for today. Meanwhile, if you want to 
know more about Mobile Success Training, watch this video.

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Until next time…Live Long and Prosper!

Stan Fuller

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