Periscope and Why your Small Business Needs Periscope

In case you aren’t sure what Periscope is, it’s a live streaming video app 
that was purchased by Twitter in 2015.

The allure of Periscope is that it allows you to ‘Go Live’ from anywhere, 
at any time, while anyone in the world can watch you via your mobile 

There are over ten million users on the platform today, so needless to say 
if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on some markets that might be of 
use to your business.

If you can conceive of any way your company can put Periscope to use, 
you should do so. Today.

So why does your small business need to be on Periscope? Let’s take a 
look at a few reasons.

Market Saturation

Or lack thereof. The market for Periscope isn’t as saturated as other social 
media behemoths like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s still in its 
growing phase, and hopping on board now would go a long way toward 
getting in ahead of the game.

Many large businesses have yet to make this technology a part of their 
marketing strategy, leaving plenty of opportunities for small companies 
to jump in and fill the gaps.

New Followers

A new social media platform means a new follower base. Those that follow 
you and your business on other social media sites are not necessarily the 
same ones that are going to follow you on Periscope.

The Periscope market offers a whole new list of bloggers, small business 
owners, and marketers that weren’t available before joining Periscope.

Connecting with this group of followers provides the opportunity to move 
them over to your other social media platforms as well.

Engage in Real-Time

When it comes to engaging and responding to customers, nothing beats 
being able to see and react immediately via a live stream. Facebook and 
Twitter response times are nice, but customers will appreciate the 
immediacy and personal connection the Periscope provides.

Today’s society seeks instant gratification – we want it now – otherwise, 
users will move on and find what they want somewhere else. Periscope 
allows for real-time engagement and gives followers actively involved in 
the feed the answers they are seeking in the moment.

Showcase Your Business

Periscope provides an opportunity to show off your business and show 
followers what happens behind the scenes. Customers want authenticity, 
and what is more authentic than looking directly at your followers as you 
speak to them live?

You are no longer a faceless brand or company; people get to talk and 
interact with you, which drives the personal connect aspect of brand 
loyalty. Natural and organic conversation leads to followers knowing, 
liking, and trusting you, which leads to future decisions made in your 

Untapped Opportunities

Since Periscope is relatively new to the social media marketplace, 
businesses are still learning how to use the platform to interact with 

The opportunities are limitless, but most commonly companies will 
offer live tutorials, product releases, special promotions, or live shows. 
Use your business to come up with new and creative ways to promote 
via Periscope.

Build Relationships

Communicating in real-time with followers offers the opportunity to have a 
more meaningful and involved discussion with someone. It can be fun to 
fully engage with those that are invested in your company and learn more 
about one another.

Consider for a moment what Periscope is offering. Through what other 
method can you pick up your phone, point it at yourself and begin 
communicating immediately with people from all over the world?

If you’re able to do a good enough job of interacting and engaging with 
your followers, they might just buy what you have to sell. 
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