K.I.S.S. It… Simple VS Complex

KISS 750 X300 SFC

Nobody said it would be this hard…

If you’re not at $5K to $10K months or more in your online business yet,  
especially if you’re doing this on the side…

Could it be that the system or path you’re taking is far too complex?

What usually happens with overly complex systems?

Well, they create too much friction.

And with too much friction, we eventually just throw our flustered hands
up in the air.

With 1,001 things piled up in front of us to handle, plus dealing with one
tech headache after another…

We’ll just give it up all together.

The “trick” is to flip this process around the other way, and use OVERLY
SIMPLE systems…

Make sense?

With a simple plan.

Things get done.

Results and sales come in.

Remember the ol’ K.I.S.S principle:

Keep. It. Simple. Silly. ????

Because “simple plans” are the best way to a lifestyle friendly
business you can run in your spare time.

Hope this helps!

Here’s one of the simplest systems I personally know of:

Try this simple plan

It’s simple, only because all the complexity of the business, like hiring
staff, setting up support, and websites, and funnels, and products, etc.
etc. etc….

It’s all been taken care of for you.

You send leads… They show you how.

And you can get up to $10K commissions on the backend.

Would be nice to get a “notification” msg. in the next few weeks of a BIG
sale the system closed FOR YOU?

How soon would you like to see one of those messages ping your inbox?

Hope this helped and that you received enormous value!

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Stan Fuller