How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

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If you already have a list of subscribers who are passionate about your 
niche, it’s time to set up a series of emails that you program your 
autoresponder to send out according to a pre-set schedule. This is known 
as an “email swipe”.

There’s no limit to the number of emails you can send out. Your 
subscribers keep getting them until they unsubscribe from your list. As 
long as your emails provide something your customers want, they will 
continue to keep opening them.

What Emails Should Do

The emails you send out should serve one of two purposes:

  • Reinforce your subscriber’s loyalty by giving them something of high 
    value for free
  • Promote a particular product or service

Effective email swipes contain both types of emails. If you send out emails 
that just promote products and services, your subscribers aren’t going to 
get a lot of value from your emails and they will be more likely to 

Instead, alternate these promotional emails with ones that provide free 
high-value content that they can actually use in their everyday lives. Your 
subscribers then will be more likely to open your emails and to purchasing 
the products or services you promote when you send promotional emails.

Keep in mind that once the person on your email list makes the choice to 
delete your email without reading it the first time, it’s going to be harder 
and harder for you to get them to open any subsequent emails that you 

That’s why it is critically important that you keep your emails interesting 
enough and provide enough value so that the people on your list will have 
no choice but to open your emails every time you send them.

What Kind of Content to Include

Free high-value emails should contain either original content that you 
have created yourself or content you have purchased or commissioned 
from freelancers, PLR or some other source. Your emails can even 
simply contain links to informative content your subscribers will find 

By the way, this strategy works the same when marketing in other 
platforms as well, not just email. You can provide high value content and 
keep people looking forward to your next submission on places such as 
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and many other formats. 
The principle is the same.

Consider your emails swipes as a newsletter that you send your 
subscribers. A newsletter contains interesting and helpful articles about 
topics that interesting. If your content is high quality and your subscribers 
enjoy it, they are going to be more open to buying the products and 
services you promote in your newsletter.

How Often Should You Send Emails?

While there is no agreed-upon schedule for free content and promotional 
emails, use a 3:1 proportion. For every promotional email you send out, 
send out three that provide free high value content designed to build 
loyalty with your subscribers.

Promotional emails should have a structure similar to a sales letter. Have a 
clear Call to Action (CTA) that says exactly you want your reader to do: 
Buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, invest in your company, etc.

Promotional emails need to have a link where your subscribers can click on 
to buy the products or services you are promoting.

Content of Promotional Emails

The content you promote in your promotional emails can be either original 
or something you commissioned another person to create for you. You also 
can promote affiliate products, which are products sold by somebody else 
but promoted by you. When a subscriber clicks through and buys one of 
these affiliate products, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate products are popular among email marketers because they don’t 
require you to purchase anything up front or worry about delivering the 
product to the buyer. All you do is promote the product and when a sale is 
made, you get paid.

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