Filling Your Lists with the Right Subscribers

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Building a big list of subscribers is a lot of work. Whether you use paid or 
free methods to build your lists, it’s important that you fill your lists only 
with highly-targeted people who are passionate about your niche and are 
ready, willing and able to pay for the products you are promoting.

Here are some effective techniques you can use to make sure your lists 
are comprised only of the best possible customers who will continue to act 
on your offers for weeks or even years to come.

Kicking Out the Freeloaders

There are a lot of people online who are only looking to get stuff for free. 
These freeloaders are never going to spend money no matter what you do. 
Usually, they aren’t hurting anybody and can be safely ignored or at least 

But why should you have to spend time and energy marketing toward 

A better plan is to keep track of who your customers are and how much 
they are spending on your offers. Cater toward your best customers and 
drop the freeloaders.

Identify Your Best Customers

You definitely want to take care of your best customers by giving them the 
best deals. You also want to give them exclusive access to new products 
before they are offered to anyone else.

Plus, you want to push them further and further up the profit ladder so that 
they spend increasing amounts of money with you.

If your tracking shows you subscribers aren’t spending anything, it’s 
perfectly acceptable to delete them from your list and let them go bother 
some other marketer.

If you want, you can send them one final email that says something like, 
“I noticed that you haven’t purchased any of my products and I wanted to 
know if there was something in particular that you wanted and aren’t 
getting from me or if there was some other reason.”

Sometimes this lets you convert freeloaders into loyal customers. But 
most of the time, this will scare them off end their trying to get free stuff 
from you.

Benefit of Repeat Buyers

Long-term relationships with your customers are always more profitable 
than short-term revenues.

Building long-term relationships with your customers is the most 
rewarding strategy for your revenues, your personal reputation, your 
company and your brand.

Treat customers as if they are your friends, rather than simply people who
buy your products. That way you can improve the effectiveness of any 
marketing program.

Share details about your personal history and family life. Customers that 
develop a genuine emotional bond with you will have a vested interest in 
your success.

How to Develop Long-Term Relationships with Your Customers

Nurture a personal relationship with your customers to create a unique 
benefit of doing business on the web.

When people believe that you consider them nothing more than a customer, they will think of you as nothing more than a marketer and soon they will stop paying attention to what you have to say.

But two-way communication can overcome this hurdle. Use your 
marketing campaign to facilitate two-way communications so that it’s easy 
for your customers to interact with you.

For example, you can include the tag line “Let Me Know What You Think” with each posting that includes an automatic link back to your own email account or web page.

That let you solicit your customer’s thoughts and opinions, reinforcing their 
importance to you and the success of your business.

Also, whenever a customer takes the time to contact you, always send a 
follow-up thank you and acknowledge how important and helpful their 
comment was to you.

This will strengthen their loyalty bond with you and your brand and make 
them more open to doing business with you in the future.

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