Change Your Perspective And The Money Will Flow In

Someone tells you to come up with two unique products before tomorrow.

Where do you turn?…

Probably the Internet.

And if you are like most people you would jump on Reddit or Stumbleupon
and try and sift through the never ending webs of the internet spending
hours getting sidetracked by ads, pictures of cats, and that YouTube video
you watched a month ago that you kind of want to watch again.

And 10 minutes before you have to talk about your two new products
you’re still trying to think of something or if you’re lucky second-guessing
what you did come up with.

People turn to the Internet for everything.

News. Entertainment. Friends. Love.

And the answer to any question is on the Internet. But most of the time
you end up staring at a screen for a few hours instead of doing what you
set out to do.

You just have to know how to use it.

If you just look beyond your computer screen. At your books. At your
records. Through your old pictures. There is a whole collection of things
that are personal to you and mean something to you that it does to no one

Which works much better for coming up with ideas than looking at
information that is meant to appeal to everyone.

Then you use the Internet for research and voilà you have a million dollar

But how does this help you?

Because it is an example of using the Internet in a way that is a little
different than youare used to can make a huge difference.

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