7 Simple Ways to Get More Visitors to Click Through to Your Web Page

To paraphrase legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, 
“Getting customers to click through your web page isn’t the everything …
it’s the only thing!”The purpose of the click through page is to drive visitors to the next step 
in your sales funnel. As such, it needs to include at least these seven 
different elements.

A Clear CTA Button 

One of the biggest mistakes many marketers make is making it too 
difficult for page visitors to act on their CTA.

Use big, bold buttons that are in a prominent position on the page so that 
it’s easy for customers to do what you want them to do.

A Compelling Headline 

The headline you use should include your keywords and closely match the 
title tag of your page in the HTML. If not, customers are more likely to 
click off your page without clicking through. Your customers want to see 
consistency when scanning your page.

Your headline usually will appear in the search results. So it should do 
everything it can to push visitors to taking the next step by clicking 
through to where you want them to go.

Use Short Paragraphs or Bullet Points 

Nobody wants to wade through dense blocks of copy. It’s the Internet, 
after all.

Just give your page visitors the bullet points that get your selling points 
across or use very short paragraphs that efficiently communicate your 
message in as few words as possible.

Don’t Include Other Navigational Links

The purpose of your click through page is to get visitors to click through 
where you want them to go.

So don’t give them any other options by including links to other pages, 
references, and so on. This provides too many opportunities for people to 
leave your page and go elsewhere.

<strong>Include AT LEAST Two CTA Links </strong>

People like to believe they have options. By offering them at least two 
buttons to click on (that both lead to the same place), it makes them feel 
empowered. It also will improve your conversion rate.

You also can include links within your text that appear over or under your 

Use Exit Pop-Ups 

Use a widget that gives you a pop-up that appears whenever somebody 
tries to click to another page besides your CTA. It gives you one last 
chance to convert a customer who was already leaving anyway, so why 

Social Proof 

Also known as the “bandwagon approach”, social proof feeds on people’s 
natural desire to be part of the cool crowd.Use testimonials from clients, logos from companies you do business with 
or credible third party organizations, and so on. They aren’t always 
necessary on your click-through page, but in some cases they can add 
credibility and value to your web pages.

Use Simple Images and Photos 

Don’t overcomplicate your page with a lot of different images or a photo 
that is too “busy”.

The images you use should complement the content on the page and 
support the headline at the same time.

Put Your “Best Stuff” Near the Top 

Most people aren’t going to scroll all the way down to the bottom of your 
click-through page. So make sure you put your most compelling 
arguments, the best benefits and any other top-drawer ammo you have 
to convert your visitors up top.

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