The Economics to a 6-figure Income…

Getting daily sales means nothing if this isn’t set-up first and

The economics of a j-o-b is usually an easy one.

But the “simplicity” of your earnings online can be a bit trickier
for some.

For example:

If you’re applying for a job, they’ll make you an offer.

$25 an hour.
$500 commissions.
$75,000 yearly salary.

And so on…

It’s very cut and dry economics, isn’t it?

You need a certain amount of income to cover your necessary
living expenses, and anything BELOW that, isn’t a viable option
for you and your family.

This same process SHOULD apply to what you’re doing online
as well.

You must ensure you’re able to turn a decent profit for whatever
effort you’re putting into your business.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be considered as a viable option for you.

Think of it this way:

1. Advertising is necessary in order to automate your business
and find new and consistent buyers.

2. Whatever cost your product or service is, minus the advertising
costs to acquire that customer, is typically your earnings potential,
minus other business expenses.

e.g. $250 to get new customer. $47 sale.

With those economics?

You’re losing money every sale.

Now this is where economics don’t work in your favor.

Of course there’s a simple solution…

If it costs you $250 to acquire a customer, (and you can find out
your exact cost simply by researching the “averages” and testing
things out for yourself) then…

You simply MUST have offers above that price point, right?

The new success standard isn’t, “Whoever spends the less on ads

It’s, “Whoever can spend the MOST on ads wins.”

If you’re earning up to $1,000 per sale for example, how many times
would you be willing to pay $250 to acquire a new customer?

As much as you possibly could, right?!

And THAT is how you scale up to 6-figures and beyond.

By working smarter.
Not harder.

Hope this helps.

Many just don’t truly consider the economics of this business.

And so it pays them like a hobby.

A very expensive hobby at that.

If you’d like to get not only up to $1,000 commissions, but up to
$10,000 commissions?

And if it makes sense and seems like a great fit for what you’re doing…

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Got to run.

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