Simple Steps to Help Increase Your Customer Retention Rates

Customer retention is one of the most important metrics used to calculate 
the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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The reason is simple. It costs more to acquire a new customer than keep 
an existing customer.

Customer retention is one of the most important metrics used to calculate 
the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. The reason is simple. It costs 
more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing customer.

You can’t rely solely on new business. Otherwise, you’ll never grow your 
business. Use these simple steps to help increase your customer retention 

Give Your Customers More Than They Expect

The first way to increase customer retention rates is by giving your 
customers more than they expect. Deliver more than you initially 
promised. For example, you could include a free bonus or deliver your 
product or service ahead of schedule.

Consider the expectations that your customers have. This includes the 
quality of the product or service, the delivery, and additional features. 
If you can improve one of these areas without increasing your costs, then 
you’ll be able to give your customers more than they expect.

Establish Trust with Your Customers

You need to cultivate the relationship that you’ve got with your customers.

This comes through the establishment of trust. If customers trust you to 
always deliver what you promise, then they’ll likely come back for more.

Content can also help establish trust. Giving existing customers access to 
bonus content, free offers, or PDF guides can go a long way towards 
building trust. This also helps with the first tip. You’ll exceed their 

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Make Your Interactions More Personable

When you engage with customers, you need to be personable. This 
includes the use of personalized emails and personal responses to their 

Depending on the email marketing platform that you choose, you may be 
able to automatically personalize your emails. Using a template, the 
software will automatically insert the first name of the people on your 
mailing list.

You should also encourage your customers to leave feedback. Ask them 
questions. You can do this through social media or your email marketing. 
This lets them know that you’re listening and that you care about their 

When a customer leaves feedback, either positive or negative, you should 
contact them as soon as possible and address them by their name. Thank 
them for their feedback.

Deal with Complaints Promptly and Directly

You should never make the mistake of ignoring an unsatisfied customer. 
When someone’s unhappy with your products or services, your first step 
should be to learn more about their complaint.

Contact customer, remember to personable and ask for more details. Use 
this information to try and find a way to solve their issue. Even if you need 
to issue a refund or a replacement, you may be able to save yourself from 
losing a customer. This could also save you from taking a hit to your online 


Make Sure You Deliver an Exceptional Product or Service

The final step to increasing your customer retention rates is to ensure that 
you deliver a quality product or service. This ties into the first tip. You 
want to go above and beyond and deliver a great value.

The bottom line is that if you have something of value at a reasonable 
price people will buy it and they’ll come back for future purchases.

Think about your favorite cereal, shoes, or vehicles. You continue to 
purchase from the same company because they deliver a quality product. 
If you can do the same, then you’ll be able to increase your customer 
retention rates.

Customer retention is an important metric to pay attention to. Use these 
steps to begin increasing this key factor. If you’d like to have access to 
even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate 
conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month,
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