How to Create a Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

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If you’re resting all your marketing ambitions on the hope that first-time visitors will
make a puchase, you’re going to have trouble making any money. Only about 1% of
visitors are ready to make a purchase during their first visit. On average, you’ll need
about 4 or 5 points of contact before getting a sale.

A lead magnet is designed to help you capture the email address of these visitors so that
you can direct them back to your sales funnel. They’re designed for the 99% of prospects
that leave your site without making a purchase.

So, if you want to gain these email addresses, you should take the time to create an
effective lead magnet.

Research Your Competitor’s Lead Magnets

First, you’ll need to look at your competitor’s lead magnets. Look at the offers that they
provide. You shouldn’t copy their offers. But, you can use your research to ensure that
you’re offering something original and more appealing than what your competition is

This research will give you a better sense of what your potential buyers want. Use this
information as you choose your offer. Generally, these offers will fall into one of these

  • PDF,
  • eBook, or downloadable guide
  • Webinars
  • Discounts or coupons

The medium that you choose for your offer will depend on your market. PDFs and other
readable content are useful when you don’t have a tangible product.

So, if you offer digital goods or services, your customers will expect digital offers.
Though, downloadable content can be applied to almost any industry.

When creating your offer, the medium is not nearly as important as the actual content.
Whether you film a video tutorial or put together a downloadable guide, you need to
choose a topic that your potential buyers are interested in.

Researching the Top Concerns of Your Potential Buyers


Researching the top concerns of your potential buyers will help you choose a topic for
your lead magnet. People want solutions. They want valuable information. You’ll provide
them with the answers or facts that they need.

There are several ways to learn more about the top concerns of your target demographic.
You can search forums and communities. Look at the questions that people ask most
frequently on these websites.

You can also look at social media comments. This includes comments on both your own
social media accounts and the accounts of your competition. Social media is the preferred
method of communication for most consumers.

A little bit of keyword research can also help you find a topic. See what keyword phrases
are searched for most frequently. Focus on keyword searches related to questions or

After you’ve researched the top concerns of your potential buyers, you’ll have a topic to
discuss. Make this topic the focus of your free content. Then, this content together in a
PDF, video, or webinar.

Create a Killer Title and Sub-title


Once you have an offer, the rest is easy. You just need a great title and sub-title. Be
specific and keep your title simple. Address the problem or concern that you promise
to solve in your free content.

The sub-title follows up on this promise by telling visitors what they’ll find on this page.
Make it obvious to your visitors what they’re about to read.

This same tip applies to the rest of your web page. Keep the content simple and direct.
You need to stick to the point. The entire goal of the page is to get visitors to sign up to
your email list by offering free content. Make sure that they understand exactly what
they’re about to sign up for.

A lead magnet is an invaluable tool used for growing your email list. But, there are more
steps that you can take. If you’d like more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to
generate conversion-ready internet marketing prospects every month, click here to learn
about my done-for-you system.

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