“The Rest of the Story”


“The Rest Of The Story”…

I would love to tell you that my new business became an instant success.

However that is not the case. I did not set the world on fire with my new
entrepreneurial adventure didn’t bring me to the wealth and lifestyle I had
been dreaming about.
I did enjoy a certain measure of success. I was introduced to a new way
of life and a very valuable lesson that I am so grateful for.

I was able to meet and hang out with millionaires.  I met and rubbed shoulders
with many of the Heavy Hitters in the Network Marketing Industry.
To my surprise, they didn’t treat  me like a novice or newbie they  gladly
welcomed me and treated me like I belonged.

I attended several of the Special Events and Direct Marketing Conventions
that was usually offered every 3 or 4 months.

I always floated home after these events. I didn’t need the plane to fly home.
I wish I could explain the experience, the energy, the excitement of being
around so any like minded people.

I began to truly understand Napoleon Hill”s Master Mind Principle.

I really can’t do it justice, you need to experience it for yourself.

I have been involved in personal development  all of my life and I can truely
say, attending Special Events at these Direct Marketing Conventions should be
something you incorporate in your personal development plan even if you are
not a member of a company. The Experience is Priceless!

I will tell any and everybody, to make it a point to attend your company’s Special
Events. The contacts, the marketing opportunities and the pure energy that these
events provide is Priceless and will help you grow business more that you could
ever imagine.

This industry is really fun, especially when you are earning the Big Bucks…

You say you are ready to earn the Big Bucks, well if you are  READY .. then …

We will take you step by step and help you achieve your goals and help you build
your business.

Well, we’ve come quite a ways on this journey together. I have a very special
bonus and surprise for you tomorrow.

Would you like know how I was put on the spot and caught speechless?

If so come back for my next post and l’ll reveal just what happened.

When  “My Mentor Had Me Sweating”

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