The Challenge…

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The Challenge…

My Personal Development Reading Challenge

In my pursuit of becoming the very best me, I can be. I have committed to reading one new book per week.

These are books that will enhance my personal development, my businesses  or in some way help me to achieve my goals, my vision, my mission, or what I refer to as my God created purpose.

How I Stay Ahead Of The Game

So far, since I began my challenge four weeks ago, I am ahead of the game. Let me explain, I subscribed to Amazon’s Audible, therefore I order books in both forms, the book itself and the Audio-book.

I listen to the audio-books as I complete my three and a half mile walk every day. Also my wife bought me a Tap for Father’s day and Alexa’s reads to me for hours, every day. If you are not familiar with the Tap, check it out, this is one of the most useful gadgets I have ever owned.

Why I Accepted a Challenge From Les Brown

So now you see how I can easily meet my challenge, however I still read the books, I Just accepted a challenge from Les Brown to read at least 30 pages a day for the next three weeks. His challenge is it must be 21days. “Don’t skip a day, and you don’t make excuses. If you do, go back to Day One.”

This is what Les has to say about his habit of reading 30 pages a day. ”41 years ago, I made a promise to myself to read 30 pages a day. It’s one of the simplest commitments I’ve ever made and it has created unbelievable results for my life.”

I say if it works for Les Brown, I believe in following in the footsteps of Giants, it will work for YOU and me. I must admit I have had to start my 30 days over, However I will complete this challenge successfully. I will persist until I succeed. 30 pages a day, 21 days, I got this!

Commit to Your Personal Development and Grow!

I know from personal experience, reading inspirational, personal development books and material, and biographies about successful people will inspire you to greater heights of achievement.

Accept the Challenge!

Anyone want to join me in either of these challenges. Reading a book a week or reading 30 pages a day for three weeks.

To accept either challenge Go to:    I Accept The Challenge!  

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