Never Allow Your Dreams To Die…


The Dream Died, “Never Allow Your Dreams to Die”

I relate to Les Brown in many ways, like many of you
I have followed Les for many years, attended his
seminars listen to his tapes, and CD’S, Watched his
Vidoes and DVD’S Read his books and newsletters.

Anything he produces I try to acquire in some way.

However there two areas where I really identify with
Les first I began to listen to the greats masters of
Personal Development at and early age.

I listened to Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, W. Clement Stone,
Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino

I would go to the library and Check out their tapes and
books I had a great thirst for improving my status in
life and I knew that personal development was the best
way to accomplish it.

The second way I truly identify with Les Brown is that my
first goal, my first dream as a kid was to buy my mother
a home. I was reared by my grandparents on a farm in

I would write my mother and tell her how I was going to
take core of her and that I was going to buy her a big
house. I guess that’s the dream of many kids who live
in poverty or  was born on the wrong side of the tracks.

A title of one of Les’s  books and tape and CD Series
and hid most noted quotes is, “Live Your Dreams!”.
I echo that every day of my life.

However, unlike Les I  live with the fact that I allowed
my dream to die. I never bought that home for my
mother. I did take care of her in her senior years.

However there will always be emptiness within my
spirit, because I never fulfilled my promise to my
mother of buying her that home.

I allowed my dream to die. I have shed many tears
because didn’t live up to my commitment.

Never Allow Your Dreams To Die!…

Today I live with the mantras “Committed To Excellence”
and, “Let’s Make it Happen” and every day I repeat this
Declaration I am Living My Dreams!

I promised myself that I would Never again allow my
Dreams to every die again.

Today, I am Living My Dreams!

Never Allow Your Dreams To Die!

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Stan Fuller


Let’s Make It Happen!