I Couldn’t Believe This …He Said What?…


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I Couldn’t Believe This …He Said What?…

I attended a workshop a few weeks ago, there were several hundred people there
in attendance.

It was an excellent presentation on Real Estate Investing. I was very impressed the
presenter really brought it. He knew what he was talking about and he was very
good at delivering his message to his audience.

At the break I spoke with a guy who related that he wanted to start an online
business working from home, and wanting to produce a six figure yearly income.

I replied that’s very fascinating, so how is that working out for you?

I couldn’t believe his response….

As someone who lives and breathes personal development and that one should
consistently invests in themselves and their personal development I was totally

He said, I investigated this one company, many of their affiliates that make six
figures, BUT, You want believe this, would you believe they are asking a $1,000
up front, that’s the affiliate fee for the training, the tools and system they  provide
you, to get you started… Man that’s a lot of money!

I had to excuse myself, I was about to burst out laughing, right in front of his face…

I couldn’t believe he said that…

Here this man had spent 15 minutes telling me how serious he was about making
a six figure yearly income with an online business but wasn’t resourceful enough
to find a mere $1,000 to invest in getting his six figure income business started

I just couldn’t help myself as I walked away I began to laugh uncontrollably…
I couldn’t believe this guy! I really couldn’t believe he said that…

I actually felt sorry for him… sort of …that was sad!

It’s true every entrepreneur must invest capital in the form of money to get their
business started.

In the words of Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffett

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Before you get the wrong idea, I was not laughing at his financial situation, it was
just the fact that he wasn’t resourceful enough to find a way to get a $1000 to
pursue his dream.

Now, to me, that’s sad!

And yes I am going to ask you to make an investment
in yourself to get started in a very lucrative business.

Are you serious about making a lucrative income online and get started
enjoying the lifestyle you desire and deserve. Don’t cringe I’m not asking
for anything near $1,000.

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