“I Commit To Realizing My Greatness!”

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“I Commit To Realizing My Greatness!”

I know what some of you might be thinking, but you are entitled to think what you want. I decided to use this title for two reasons, first, one of my daily Declarations / Affirmations is, “I Commit To Realizing My Greatness!” the second reason is explained in this post. Read on….

For the past week I have been reading Les Brown’s latest book, “Law Of Success“   -12 Laws That Turn Dreams Into Reality.

This is a great read and I sincerely recommend you make it a part of your personal development library. This morning’s read was really inspiring for me.

Law 5: Lift Up Your Mind With Self Development

As a personal development coach this was right down my alley. Of course Les reinforces what he always proclaims in every speech or message he delivers, “You Have Greatness In You.”  He goes on to explain how each individual have the power to take charge of our lives. We can “take this life by the reins, and lead it in whatever direction you want it to go. We have the ability to lead the charge to a better fulfilling life, and we have the ability to truly be great.

As I stated earlier, one of my daily Declarations / Affirmations is “I Commit To Realizing My Greatness!” With everything that is within me truly believe that there is greatness in every individual. Sometimes people just have a difficult time realizing and acting on it.

That’s why a personal development plan or regiment is so important for those who are looking to achieve great levels of success. That greatness that you have within you must be cultivated and nourished every day of your life and allowed to flourish and bless the world.

Getting back to The Law Of Success in a section titled Push Out Of Your Comfort Zone (Mentally And Physically), Les provides a quote I had never heard before, “Great things never came from comfort zones.”

He writes and I say Amen, “this is a life changing and life affirming belief. Nothing great has come from someone sitting around believing that everything is exactly as good as it will ever get.

Greatness comes from people striving for more than what is, and instead looking at what can be.”

Ask yourself, are you pursuing your greatness? Let me ask you this have you accepted the fact and it is a fact, that “You Have Greatness In You.”

Maybe some of the naysayers and negative dream killers will adapt my affirmation and start realizing the greatness that we all have within us and stop being a dream killer or goals destroying hater.

Excuse me I just had to express my total disgust for the dream killers of the world.

Let’s  move forward today and realize our greatness and share our greatness with the world.

Let’s make it a wonderful day!

Say it with me, “I Commit To Realizing My Greatness!”

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